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Meet Harold Valestin – Bottom Line Sales Coaching by “Coach V”

As it was for many, September 11, 2001, was a transformational day in the life of sales coach and mentor Harold J. Valestin, reigniting his passion for life and his understanding of how precious it is.

By God’s Grace, he was not in his office on the 83rd Floor of the World Trade Center on that fateful day, but was in Manhattan where he witnessed the collapse of the towers.

That tragedy changed his life forever. He promised himself that he would do everything he could to leave a positive impact on as many people as possible in this world.

“On September 11, 2001, I stood in the middle of 5th Avenue in Manhattan and, along with thousands of others, stared in awed disbelief as my world crumbled before me. The transformation began as I realized that my place of business, and many of the people I worked with, were simply gone. A new mindset and paradigm were needed if I hoped to continue with productive work; a new way to help others, along with a new path to success.”

During the chaos the followed in the financial world, jobs were scarce. It was during this time that Harold had the opportunity begin coaching high school kids. Coaching and mentoring youth continues to be a passion of his, as he regularly donates his time and resources to youth groups, teams, and organizations.

Now, affectionately known as “Coach V” by the young athletes he coaches and mentors, Harold has worked tirelessly to become a key player in today’s business, motivational, and consulting markets: Harold has been an independent contractor and/or entrepreneur for a majority of his working life.

In college, he created a custom gift business as well as sold for companies like Cutco Cutlery (owned by Vector Marketing). He also interned with Northwestern Mutual. His after-college career began in the caldrons of Wall Street as a Stock broker learning the art of the Cold Call.

He grew into a role as an Equity Trader on highly coveted “Prop Desks.” Later, he began working in financial services with Primerica, where he broke several regional rookie records for sales.

He credits Primerica’s focus on personal development for reinvigorating his professional career. It is there that he truly learned the importance of being a lifelong learner.

Beginning in 2002, Harold began a career in Real Estate sales which has flourished to consulting some of NYC’s biggest builders.

HaroldBeing a native New Yorker, possessing a background in finance and having an insatiable work ethic, Harold has not only read about and studied the trends in NYC’s real estate market, he has also witnessed them and helped to set them.

Raised in Queens, he possesses a unique view of the expansion of new developments and the rising value of the outer boroughs: both for buyer and seller. His expertise and insight into NYC real estate make him better able to help each of his clients make an informed decision.

In addition, Harold has extensive experience in the Manhattan market, which he earned working in its concrete canyons for more than 14 years.

All of these experiences combined has enabled him to transcend working just one neighborhood or borough to be an all New York City broker.

He has been quoted or featured in The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, NY Post, The Real Deal and the Mann Report as well as a myriad of other publications.

He’s even been featured in a segment of NBC news regarding Real estate trends in Queens.

He has helped bolster the sales forces of astounding companies such as Terminix, TransFirst, and Hilton.

Born to a first generation immigrant family, Harold witnessed daily the struggles and sacrifices needed to make a success of oneself. He was taught that faith, work ethic, desire, and perseverance are crucial ingredients to get the most out of life.

Harold wants to share what he has learned with the world to keep the promise he made to himself following 9/11.

There is nothing canned about Harold… every presentation, consultation, and mentoring opportunity is customized for the audience before him.

He shares his message in a dynamic and captivating manner. If you want results, your people buzzing and fired up afterward, Harold is your man.

On a personal note: Harold is married and a proud father of three. He is also involved with a variety of charitable organizations, as well coaching High School football and Track at his Alma Mater, St. Francis Prep.

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