I had the pleasure of working with Harold in a large retail bank network where he provided Merchant Services to our business clients. He was very professional and knowledgeable but most of all, he was an outstanding communicator. He provided much needed support to our branch teams through his product and presentation training sessions. Harold Valestin was very instrumental to our success in retention and growth of our business client relationships.


Harold, Thank you for your energy, knowledge and motivation. I walked out of your class with a clear head and ready to take on my new found career as a real estate agent. I have also watched, downloaded, printed and purchased some of the motivational tools that can keep me on my game to be the best agent possible.

Darnell T.

Your class was great, taught me I really have to push myself to get where I want to be but also have fun with it. You are very passionate… and it rubbed off on me.

Joshua Sarraf

He has the right attitude, the right approach, and he brought a lot of energy to the presentation, and the right tools.

Yan MoshiTuhsur Developments

Harold is a ROCKSTAR! His presentation style is energetic, and entertaining. The information he provided in a changing market is absolutely relevant and valuable
to all audiences.

Donyshia B.Keeper of the Brand

Thank you for our call today. We definitely got a lot value from speaking with you. It helped us to really clarify our WHY and the importance of creating daily habits with 3 things to thrive. We greatly appreciated you taking your valuable time to speak with us and give us a push. Wishing you and your family a blessed week.

Jennifer Asingua