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My goal as your sales coach and mentor is to improve performance to the benefit of the sales team and the organization, moving individuals beyond their personal limits and helping the organization to grow toward its goals.

Bottom Line Sales Coaching Programs by “Coach V”

When it comes to coaching, any kind of coaching, the bottom line is about getting results. When it comes to sales coaching, that bottom line must translate into increased production, higher conversion rates, and a boost in ROI.

That is exactly what my Bottom Line Sales Coaching Programs are designed to do. Each client agreement and program is custom tailored to meet your needs, while increasing sales acumen, psychology, and sales techniques that will lead to an increased…

Bottom Line – Within 30 days you will see a minimum of a 10-15% or more jump in sales production. Within 90 days you will see a 30-50% jump in production.

Whether I’m working with individual sales people or a sales team, I have the ability to break down complicated principles into easily digested chunks, as well as the ability to relate to, and teach to, many different kinds of personalities. The results will go straight to your organization’s bottom line, with:

  • Boost ROI through reduced downtime and improved performance
  • Enhance your reputation as an expert in your niche, as the best place to go for…
  • Improve customer satisfaction/loyalty/commitment
  • Increase conversions, whether on cold calls or with established leads and clients
  • Realize Quantifiable and timely results
  • Turn yourself, or your sales team, into Top Producers

I offer in-person coaching and virtual coaching for independent sales reps or sales teams, with three types of sales coaching I can employ to improve the performance of every sales person within your organization:

Individual Sales Coaching

One-on-One Sales Coaching empowers individual sales people to be more effective and reach their full potential.

If you’re an independent sales rep who has been struggling to reach the sales goals you’ve set for yourself, and would like to reach a six figure income, this is the program for you.

Team Sales Coaching

Create a culture of success by ensuring the sales team is fully engaged in reaching the organization’s goals.

If your organization’s sales team has reached a plateau and is struggling to move beyond it, your organization will benefit greatly from this team-focused approach to sales coaching.

Sales Management Coaching

Transform sales management from teachers to mentors, making them the foundation and inspiration of a newly energized, laser-focused, and successful sales team.

With this program, your organization will be able to create a culture of success that will permeate your entire sales team, from the top down, that will endure over the long term.

Thank you for our call today. We definitely got a lot value from speaking with you. It helped us to really clarify our WHY and the importance of creating daily habits with 3 things to thrive. We greatly appreciated you taking your valuable time to speak with us and give us a push. Wishing you and your family a blessed week.

Jennifer Asingua

Who is Harold Valestin, aka “Coach V”?

Known among peers and clients alike as a “Sales Rejuvenator” and “Sales Motivator”, Harold is a hands-on sales coach and natural teacher. With more than two decades of experience in B2C and B2B sales, as well as nearly a decade as a coach and mentor to other sales professionals, his John Maxwell Coaching Certification is nearly complete.

Harold not only boosts, but inspires, confidence in those he coaches: He never gives up and he always gets results!

Seeing people move beyond their own expectations of themselves motivates me like nothing else. To learn more about my journey from college entrepreneur to Top Performer in NYC, as well as my personal journey moving through and beyond 9/11, click on my About Harold Page.

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