SpeakingHarold Valestin, also known as “Coach V”, is a motivational speaker who focuses on the bottom-line – for individual sales people, sales teams, and sales organizations – as well as the bottom-line for being a better person in a world where tragedy, negativity, and stress can inhibit our capacity for joy.

Below are a few excerpts and descriptions of some of the most popular motivational and inspirational talks by “Coach V”.

Bottom Line Motivational Sales Talks by “Coach V”

From the motivational to the practical, “Coach V” will engage and inspire your sales team with talks on a variety of subjects designed to improve attitudes and increase production, including:

Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs that Are Holding You Back from Success

“On September 11th, 2001, I stood in the middle of 5th Avenue in Manhattan and, with thousands of others, watched the world as I knew it come to an end as the Twin Towers fell. The place where I worked, along with many of the people I worked with, simply ceased to exist. I was bereft. I was bereaved. I was forlorn. And, needless to say, I was stunned, grieving, and angry. I was also transformed, forced by circumstances beyond my control to challenge my own belief systems and limits; soon realizing that a new mindset and paradigm were needed. If I hoped to continue with productive work, I needed to find a new way to help others, along with a new path to success.”

Overcoming the Fallacy of “Hard Work” (The Boss Will Fear This One!)

“There’s a fallacy in business, built around the teaching of working hard, and of requiring “hard work” from everyone around you. Wow, I can see every manager in the room looking at every other manager, wondering what the heck they’ve bought into by asking me to speak to you. Relax folks, I’m not going to try to convince anyone that they shouldn’t give you their best effort. On the contrary, I’m trying to explain how – if you love your job and your team is supportive, the work isn’t really hard at all – and giving your best each day is a pleasure, and its own reward.”

Choose Not to Be Common

I’m known as “Coach V” by the young people I coach and mentor. In my bio, these kids are referred to as “athletes” and, while anyone who participates in sports CAN be referred to as an athlete, you and I know that not all of them meet the literal definition of that word. In fact, I’ve known dozens of people who lettered in multiple sports in high school who never really thought of themselves as an “athlete”. Most of them were just semi-talented kids who put forth a great deal of effort to be the best they could be, while playing a sport they loved. The point is, THEY defined themselves and determined what they were capable of, and this holds true as we get older. To this day, you STILL define who you are and what you’re capable of. Don’t ever forget that!

There is a reason Pareto’s Principle of 80/20 exists, and that reason is even more evident in why there is a top 1%.

General Self-improvement Talks by “Coach V”

Harold is also happy to speak on the subject of creating better ‎people, and citizens, in general; a how-to approach to being a better, more positive versions of ourselves that also stresses why this is needed today – and every day of everyone’s life:

Want a Better World? Start with a Better You!

“Are you the best possible version of yourself? Are you really?

The reason I ask is because this is not something you can take for granted. Instead, being the best possible version of yourself is something that requires daily focus and effort. With the same conviction as you exercise or perform your job, or do anything else that is important to you, you should commit to stretching your mind, heart, and spirit every day. Not only do you owe it to those you love, you owe it to yourself, as well.”

Values-based Goals & Leading “The Good Life”

“Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned within the first 30 days? Every year, four of five people who set themselves a new goal give up on it within the first month. Why do you think that is?

I think it’s because most of the goals people set for themselves actually have little to do with them and the things they hold dear. I think, only if you set goals based on your core values, those things that matter most to you, will you be successful in reaching them. Want to make more money? Want to lose weight? Want to be a better person? Ask yourself “Why does it matter to me?” first, or – there’s an 80% chance you’ll never get there.”

What is Your Super Power?

Most people think that, if they work hard and become successful, they’ll be happy. Guess what? Thinking that way is actually backward. Instead, positivity leads to success, not the other way around! Happy people are successful people, not the other way around. In fact, and there is research that backs this up, if you make up your mind to be positive every day, you’ll have more energy, be more creative and resilient, and you’ll be more productive at everything you do. In other words, the lens through which you view the world will shape your reality; which means, the more positive you are the more rewarding, and happy, your life will be. What this means is that everyone has the same super power – the capacity for positivity – and happiness! Once you embrace this concept, your other powers begin to manifest themselves…<