Want to Be Better at Sales? Hone Your Selling Skills!

Want to Be Better at Sales? Hone Your Selling Skills!

For the true sales professional, success is about learning; honing the skills needed to engage prospects more effectively, listen more completely, and close more deals. As a salesperson, if you’re not trying to improve your skill set every day, you’re letting your organization – and yourself – down.

Yes, I firmly believe that the best sales people are made, not born. While some do seem to be a “natural” at sales, as if they were born to do the job, I think this just means that those folks would likely have excelled at any career they might have chosen. The fact that they happened to choose a career in sales is incidental to the way they approach the job; with positivity, energy, and a commitment to excellence.

Work smarter, and harder

As a sales coach, I work with a wide variety of people who have found success in sales, as well as many who still wish to do so. The common denominator among the most successful salespeople is that they do not take their success for granted – they work at getting better every day. The most common characteristic among those who struggle with selling is that they don’t.

These people, those we know to be “Top Producers,” work smart AND hard. They know that selling is a science AND an art, requiring them to understand human nature, to know their own products or services, and to study their competition. These things require hard work, as well as a commitment to doing whatever is needed to be the best they can be – for their client’s benefit as well as their own.

Another thing that I’ve found to be common among top producers is this: They don’t worry about making money. They know intuitively that, as long as they work to improve themselves and their skill set, the commissions will come. Top producers do not “push” their prospects in a direction to maximize commissions or bonuses. Instead, they lead them toward the best possible solution, knowing that their earnings will follow – and that by caring for the client first and foremost – they will enhance their reputation – which will lead to greater future earnings, as well.

The #1 Skill for Sales Success

Listening is the number one skill for success in sales; short-term, long-term, and in-between-term. After all, if you don’t know what your prospect needs, you’ll never be able to help them find it.

In fact, your prospect will often have no idea what they need to resolve their pain point, simply because they have no idea what’s available or possible. That’s where you come in, as the expert who has the solution. Yet, if you do not listen well, you also will have no idea what the BEST solution will be.

In such a situation, even the hardest close in the world will be unsuccessful, because you have not done your job – you have not listened to, or cared about – the needs of your prospect.

If you truly want to be better at sales, it’s time to hone your skills – beginning today!

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